About Altosid® IGR
Made for ranchers who refuse to sit idly by and do nothing to protect against horn flies, Altosid® IGR was developed by scientists who are dedicated to creating insect control that makes life easier for you and your cattle. An easy-to-use feed-through lGR to control horn fly populations, Altosid® IGR delivers consistent results that show. Ranchers who choose to feed Altosid® IGR to their cattle can see a 15.8% increase in average daily weight gains compared to cattle who go untreated. Altosid® IGR is for every rancher who chooses to rise up to every challenge with an effective solution.
About Central Life Sciences
A product of the discovery of the first insect growth regulator, (S)-methoprene, Central Life Sciences is committed to producing environmentally compatible insect control. Central Life Sciences manufactures and markets some of the most recognized professional and consumer brands in the veterinary, animal health, specialty pest control and public health/vector control markets. Central Life Sciences aims to enhance the quality of life of its consumers by improving the health and protection of companion animals, economic animals, plants, stored grains, and the environment.