How Long Do Horn Flies Live? Breaking Down the Horn Fly Life Cycle

While the total life span of horn flies is slightly longer than one month, their populations expand quickly, causing infestations. In untreated herds, fly infestations can increase rapidly to upwards of 4,000 flies per animal.

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In untreated herds, fly infestations can increase rapidly to upwards of 4,000 flies per animal. 

Feeding Tips for Effective Horn-Fly Control

Become proactive with your herd to stop the suffering brought about by horn flies. By following these feeding tips, you can ensure proper consumption of Altosid IGR to help decrease fly populations.

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A fly management program is necessary to limit horn fly populations around cattle.

Economic Threshold: How Many Flies is Too Many?

Every beef operation is going to see its fair share of flies on cattle. However, the problem begins when horn fly populations exceed the economic threshold. But how many is too many?

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Three Benefits to Horn-Fly-Specific Control

With options for fly-control solutions growing by the day, it can be difficult to know which product to select. As you weigh your product options, consider the top three benefits to selecting horn-fly specific control.

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By the Numbers: Study Confirms Altosid® IGR Improves Weight Gain

A recent stocker cattle study was conducted in northeast Oklahoma to observe the effects of Altosid® IGR on horn fly control, cattle mineral consumption and weight gain. Here is a breakdown of the study’s findings, by the numbers.

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Get Ahead of Fly Season with the 30/30 Approach to Horn Fly Control

Without a fly control program in place, horn fly populations can swell up to 4,000 flies per animal. These pests can take up to 40 blood meals per day, leading to reduced weight gain and feed efficiency for your cattle.

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“Cattlemen to Cattlemen” Feature Highlights the Benefits of Altosid® IGR

Watch our fly-control experts explain the benefits of Altosid® IGR, and hear how this feed-through horn fly solution has kept cattle more comfortable and profitable for Missouri cattleman Scott Betz.

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Protect Cattle From Horn Flies with the Original Feed-Through Larvicide

With more than 40 years of proven success, Altosid® IGR isn’t merely a leader among the class of feed-through insect growth regulators (IGRs). It created the class.

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