A recent stocker cattle study was conducted in northeast Oklahoma to observe the effects of Altosid® IGR on horn fly control, cattle mineral consumption and weight gain.

Here is a breakdown of the study’s findings, by the numbers:


The amount of blood meals a horn fly can take per day

$1 billion
How much money is lost due to horn flies throughout the industry every year

How many flies per side is considered to be the economic threshold for beef cattle

The number of days the OSU study was conducted

Results of Using Altosid® IGR

The number of weeks it took to dramatically reduce horn flies among cattle in the treated group

The amount the treated group was able to increase daily weight gains with Altosid® IGR (0.33 lbs.) as compared to the control group

The additional value of weight gain, per head, among cattle in the group treated with Altosid® IGR

The cost of Altosid® IGR per animal for 86 days ($0.05 per day)

Potential return on investment for Altosid® IGR ($27.97:$4.30)

About Altosid® IGR

The year Altosid® IGR was introduced as the first feed-through insect growth regulator for cattle

The number of reported horn fly resistance cases among cattle treated with Altosid® IGR since its introduction

Altosid® IGR is a feed-through fly control solution that passes through the digestive system and works in cattle manure where horn flies lay their eggs, limiting future fly populations. Unlike other feed-through products, Altosid® IGR is classified as an insect growth regulator (IGR). The active ingredient in Altosid® IGR mimics naturally occurring insect biochemicals that are responsible for insect development. By interrupting the fly’s life cycle, Altosid® IGR Feed-Thru keeps the horn fly larvae from developing into breeding, biting adult flies.

Read the complete OSU Case Study.

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