Improved Fly Control in 90 Days

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Improved Fly Control in 90 Days

A new year, a new fly season, but the same great results for Altosid® IGR. We asked new users of Altosid® IGR to test the product's horn-fly control in a 90-day trial. They detailed their experiences in a follow-up survey, and the results showed improved fly control in 90 days, but don't just take our word for it!

Here is a breakdown of the study's findings, by the numbers:


85% The percentage of participants who were satisfied with the results they experienced from Altosid® IGRl

80% The percentage of participants who purchased Altosid® IGR after the trial

74% The percentage of participants that reported positive behavioral changes in cattle

In addition to improved fly levels, participants noticed improved behavior from cattle during the trial, including less bunching in animals and fewer signs of stress.

Made for ranchers who refuse to sit idly by and do nothing to protect against horn flies, Altosid® IGR was developed to make life easier for you and your cattle. Altosid® IGR is the first and proven leader in feed-through horn fly control, delivering consistent results that show.

"After using Altosid IGR, I can tell you we will change nothing about our program for 2023. What we did this year worked very well. Most cows had very few flies on them this summer. We went through 4 tubs this season and that is much more economical than the injections we've used in the past. It gave us good control for the entire season." -- Chad B.

"The cattle performed stellar during the trial period with Altosid IGR. There were cattle with no flies at all, and the only change was the mineral used." -- Robert W.

"We had no challenges. Cattle ate mineral at about the suggested rate. Fly control was great!" -- Troy C.

Read more about the participants experiences and results in our 90 Day Trail download.

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