Make an Impact on Horn Flies without Impacting the Environment

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Make an Impact on Horn Flies without Impacting the Environment

Today's environmentally conscious producer has a lot to worry about. From manure management, proper grazing, water protection and more--- producers can feel overwhelmed when fly control is added to their list of responsibilities.

Altosid® IGR can aid in this burden. Rather than killing horn flies through direct toxicity, Altosid® IGR controls these flies by interrupting their life cycle. Unlike some other feed-through products, Altosid® IGR is classified as an insect growth regulator (IGR). The active ingredient mimics naturally occurring insect biochemicals responsible for insect development, breaking the horn fly life cycle and preventing adult flies from emerging. Altosid® IGR is able to exert its effect at very small concentrations, making it an ideal fly control choice for today's environmentally responsible producer.

Altosid® IGR and its active ingredient has been studied extensively to understand its environmental impact. Broken down, here are the findings--- where it counts.

Soil -- Remaining bound in the top few centimeters of the soil even after repeated washings with water, the active ingredient in Altosid® IGR will not persist, leach or contaminate groundwater. It is rapidly broken down in the soil with a half-life of 10 days and is readily degraded by sunlight and microbial action.

Plants -- Metabolized quickly, this feed-through fly control product has a half-life of less than two days and is further degraded to normal plant nutrients. The active ingredient is not absorbed into the plant and is not a foliar systemic.

Food -- In a model ecosystem study, it was shown that the active ingredient in Altosid® IGR does not accumulate in the food chain.

Beneficial insects -- The manure of treated cattle has no effect on beneficial insects, such as dung beetles and bees.

For control that is tough on horn flies and easy on the environment, consider Altosid® IGR.

Altosid is a registered trademark of Wellmark International.

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