Feeding Tips for Effective Horn-Fly Control

feeding tips effective horn fly control
Feeding Tips for Effective Horn-Fly Control

A fly management program is necessary to limit horn fly populations around cattle. These pests take up to 40 blood meals a day, causing stress on cattle. Fly control solutions can lead to improved cow health and increased weight gains.

Altosid® IGR is a feed-through fly control product which is passed through the cow to the manure when consumed. Horn flies lay their eggs in the manure, and the active ingredient interrupts the fly life cycle. Because of this mode of action, effective horn fly control requires consistent feeding habits among cattle. To manage fly populations with Altosid® IGR, follow these feeding tips for cattle:

  • Use one feeder for every 15 to 20 animals to maintain effectiveness and accessibility.
  • Monitor consumption for a few days. Increase or decrease amount in feed to meet recommended levels.
  • Include a 5- to 7-day supply of free choice feed in feeders.
  • Place feeders where cows congregate such as near water, in shaded areas and loafing sports. Move feeders around as necessary for proper consumption.
  • Keep fresh feed available to cattle by placing the feeders out of the rain.

Become proactive with your herd to stop the suffering brought about by horn flies. By following these feeding tips, you can ensure proper consumption of Altosid® IGR to help decrease fly populations.

Want to learn more? Watch Paul Kropp share his feeding tips for effective horn-fly control with Altosid® IGR.

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