Feeling the Squeeze? Consider Altosid® IGR

Cattle in field
Feeling the Squeeze? Consider Altosid® IGR

Cattlemen are being squeezed more than ever, making it more important to get every dollar of value possible from each animal. Altosid® IGR eliminates the expense, labor and stress on your cattle associated with other fly control methods. Unlike ear tags and sprays, there's no need to round up or handle cattle because they spread the active ingredient as they graze, placing it in the exact location where horn flies lay their eggs. Altosid® IGR can also be fed to beef and dairy cows with no withdrawal times required before culling or milking, unlike some traditional fly control products. The most convenient way to control horn flies in beef and dairy cattle on pasture is to give them a supplement or feed containing Altosid® IGR.

To fit your unique needs, Altosid® IGR is available as:

  • Blocks/Tubs: EPA-registered mineral or protein tubs or blocks containing the active ingredient to be fed to cattle
  • Loose Mineral: EPA-registered granules containing the active ingredient to be fed to cattle
  • Liquid Feed: A liquid formulation of the active ingredient intended for custom blending into liquid cattle feed supplements
  • Small Packs: 0.4% concentrate designed to treat a fifty-pound bag of loose mineral, allowing producers to mix the product by hand.

Horn flies are a serious threat to cattle on pasture --- and your bottom line. They are the number-one economic ectoparasite in North American cattle production, causing an estimated $1 billion loss each year due to the stress they inflict and cattle disease they spread, inciting weight loss as high as 50 pounds per yearling. In untreated herds, fly infestations can increase rapidly to upwards of 4,000 flies per animal. While you will never eliminate all flies on cattle, maintaining a fly control program will help limit populations to fewer than 200 flies per animal. In addition, establishing a horn fly control plan and incorporating a feed-through product like Altosid® IGR will reduce this stress and promote healthy weight gains among cattle and healthy profits.

Altosid® IGR delivers the most effective, cost-efficient control of horn flies with:

  • No extra work rounding up or handling cattle as with ear tags, back rubbers and sprays. Instead, the animals distribute the active ingredient for you.
  • No withdrawal times are required before culling or milking.
  • No known instances of resistance in nearly 50 years of use -- a common problem for other fly control options such as ear tags if not administered properly.

Altosid® IGR has been proven to effectively control and keep horn flies below the economic threshold. Priced at 2 to 3 cents per animal, per day, Altosid® IGR can help ranchers protect their operations from profit-eating horn flies with the best value on pasture.

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