Central Life Sciences: The Leader in Fly Control Solutions

Leaders in fly control
Central Life Sciences: The Leader in Fly Control Solutions

Mark Upton, Director of Ag Products at Central Life Sciences, emphasizes the company's commitment to providing comprehensive fly control solutions. "We feel like we're a leader in fly control because we have proven products that we put in the market with chemistry to prevent flies or to kill flies, whatever the circumstance might be," he says. Central Life Sciences stands out not just for its innovative products but also for its dedicated team and robust regulatory compliance.

A Strong Team with Deep Agricultural Roots

Central Life Sciences has assembled a highly skilled team to support its customers. As Upton describes, "We have a team of people, so we're very excited about that and nobody else is offering that, and we want to continue to grow that out." This team comprises individuals with extensive experience in agriculture, many of whom still own livestock. They aren't just salespeople; they're solution providers. Upton adds, "They're not there to sell you something. They're there to provide a solution."

The company's regulatory team is another crucial component of its success. "Our regulatory team is second to none," Upton notes, highlighting the team's years of experience working with the EPA to ensure compliance. This expertise allows Central Life Sciences to bring its products to market while keeping customers within the legal framework.

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Fly Control Solutions

Central Life Sciences has built a diverse portfolio of fly control products, tailored to different needs. "It doesn't matter if it's a scatter bait for a dairy, if it's sticky traps to put in a horse barn, if it's feed-through for dairy or beef cattle, we've got something for every need," says Upton. This portfolio has been developed over many years through acquisitions and expansion of current chemistry, ensuring that Central Life Sciences can offer solutions for a wide range of agricultural scenarios.

Despite this comprehensive portfolio, Upton cautions against the idea of a "silver bullet" solution. This understanding underscores the importance of customization and adaptability in fly control strategies.

Beyond Products: A Commitment to Service

Central Life Sciences is more than just a product supplier; it's a partner in insect control. The company's tech services group is ready to go into the field to investigate problems and find solutions. Additionally, the research team constantly looks for new ways to use current chemistry and explores new chemistries for insect control. This level of support ensures that customers receive tailored advice and solutions that best suit their specific needs.

Upton concludes by emphasizing the value of investing in a team, not just a product. "If you're just a price buyer and that's all that matters, there's cheaper things out there," he says. "But as often is the case in life, you get what you pay for." Central Life Sciences offers more than just products—it provides expertise, support, and a comprehensive approach to fly control that is second to none. If you're seeking a partner who understands the complexities of agricultural environments and offers customized solutions, Central Life Sciences is your go to partner.

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