Feed-Through Mixology: Mixing Tips for Altosid® IGR

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Feed-Through Mixology: Mixing Tips for Altosid® IGR

Feed-Through Mixology: Mixing Tips for Altosid® IGR

Altosid® IGR is the original feed-through insect growth regulator and has earned a reputation for proven horn fly control. The product can be relied upon to protect cattle from horn flies, but it must be administered correctly to maximize the efficacy of fly control. Altosid® IGR features very low inclusion rates of the active ingredient, so ensuring cattle receive the proper amount of the horn fly IGR is essential to effective control. To ensure your cattle are consuming the right amount, here are three mixing tips for Altosid® IGR Premix:

Right Rate

The first and most important step in producing a proper feed-through mix is knowing how much Altosid® IGR to include in your feed. The amount of the product to be included is based on the weight of the animal. For help calculating your inclusion rate of Altosid® IGR 0.4% Premix, consult this rate card.

Balanced Blend

Thoroughly mixing Altosid® IGR into the feed can help evenly distribute the product's active ingredient throughout. Without proper mixing, the Altosid® IGR can be disproportionately spread throughout the feed, creating "hot spots" with excessive amounts of the active ingredient, and "low spots" that do not include enough. Uneven mixes can prevent cattle from ingesting the proper amount of Altosid® IGR, preventing the product from maximizing its horn-fly control potential.

Full Feeders

To ensure consistent, daily consumption of Altosid® IGR, it is important to maintain a steady supply of treated feed to cattle. Feed delivery systems containing Altosid® IGR should be kept full and accessible to cattle, and regularly monitored to ensure proper consumption. Find more Altosid® IGR feeding tips here.

Altosid® IGR can help reduce horn fly populations with an easy-to-use solution that relies on the animals to spread the active ingredient. While the required effort is minimal, it is important to follow these important mixing tips for Altosid® IGR.

To learn more, watch our Brad Berg share some advice in the video below:

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