Reducing your Herd’s Environmental “Hoofprint”

Cattle grazing
Reducing your Herd’s Environmental “Hoofprint”

Today's environmentally conscious producer has a lot to worry about, including manure management, wastewater runoff, and proper rotational grazing, not to mention the burden of horn flies. Reducing your herd's environmental "hoofprint" in the pasture can often lead to increased producer efficiency and profits.

One solution to increase efficiencies is by using rotational grazing or other techniques to improve weaning weights. Doing this will enhance the pasture's forage production and the use of resources to increase weight gain on marketable calves. However, the grazing period is where the calf will have the biggest environmental "hoofprint." You'll want to reduce the time your calves are on grass to save forage resources, boost the producer's economic sustainability, and increase environmental sustainability.

Altosid® IGR is a feed-through insect growth regulator (IGR) that delivers targeted control of horn flies with no known resistance. Unlike other products on the market, Altosid® IGR controls these flies by interrupting their life cycle in the pupal stage, preventing the emergence of biting adults rather than killing horn flies through direct toxicity.

Compared to other conventional pesticide products in the market, Altosid® IGR does not have any environmental impact. There are no concerns when it comes to birds, wastewater, soil, plants, food, beneficial insects, or human health. Altosid® IGR is rapidly broken down in the soil with a half-life of 10 days and is readily degraded by sunlight and microbial action so that it will not persist, leach or contaminate groundwater. Because it is metabolized quickly, the feed-through product is degraded to regular plant nutrients and is not absorbed into the plant.

The level of this ingredient found in the manure of treated cattle does not affect beneficial insects, such as dung beetles and bees, and there are no harmful residues in meat or milk when used as directed. Because Altosid® IGR is a targeted product meant for horn fly control, you don't need to worry about it having any negative impact on these insects or stopping their life cycles. With Altosid® IGR, you can reduce the number of flies emerging out of any treated manure, allowing dung beetles to work in favor of producers by breaking down manure in pastures.

Altosid® IGR is able to exert its effect at very small concentrations, making it an ideal fly control choice for today's environmentally responsible cattle producer. Consider Altosid® IGR to start reducing your herd's environmental "hoofprint" and increasing your profits and efficiency.

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