Keeping Horn Flies in Check with Altosid® IGR

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Keeping Horn Flies in Check with Altosid® IGR

An effective fly control program keeps horn fly levels at less than 200 flies per animal. Altosid® IGR controls horn flies resistant to the organophosphates and pyrethroids commonly used in conventional cattle fly control products. In more than 40 years of use, there have been no known cases of insect resistance to Altosid® IGR.

Horn flies spend their time biting cattle’s backs and midlines, spreading down their sides. This location is tough for cattle to reach, leading to the irritation that causes cattle to go off feed. To stop this problem, it is easier to attack flies where they lay their eggs and prevent the emergence of future populations.

To control flies before they emerge in spring, it's important to limit their overwintering pupae. But knowing exactly when to tackle this can be tough due to unpredictable weather patterns. For example, in Madison, Wis., the first frost can vary between September 12 and November 12, even though it usually hits in the first week of October. Many places also get warm spells after the first fall/winter frost or just before the final spring frost. To handle this uncertainty, Central Life Sciences suggests a "30/30" plan for fly control.

To figure out the right timing, producers should start using Altosid® IGR about 30 days before the average date when daytime temperatures usually reach 65°F. This is when overwintering flies start showing up, marking the beginning of the fly season. Remember to check the product label for exact directions. Keep following this process into the fall season until 30 days after the first frost has been recorded.

Altosid® IGR Solutions

The innovative mode of action with Altosid® IGR eliminates the expense, labor and stress on your beef cattle associated with other cattle fly control methods. After the flies lay their eggs in the freshly treated manure, (S)-methoprene breaks the horn fly life cycle by mimicking naturally occurring insect biochemicals that are responsible for insect development, preventing pupae from emerging into biting adult flies.

To fit your unique needs, Altosid® IGR is formulated in a range of solutions, including as a block, tub, loose mineral, and custom liquid feeds.

Protect against horn fly infestations with an unpredictably early or late start to the spring or winter seasons with Altosid® IGR. Contact your feed dealer to find which formulation works best for your operation.

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