Protect Cattle From Horn Flies with the Original Feed-Through Larvicide

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Protect Cattle From Horn Flies with the Original Feed-Through Larvicide

With more than 40 years of proven success, Altosid® IGR isn't merely a leader among the class of feed-through insect growth regulators (IGRs). It created the class.

The discovery of the active ingredient in Altosid® IGR, (S)-methoprene, was the result of a mission to establish more environmentally friendly insect control, and it revolutionized fly control for cattle when it became the first feed-through larvicide to receive EPA approval in 1975. The creators of Altosid® IGR discovered that by relying on the animal to deposit the active ingredient into its manure, they could achieve horn fly control more effectively and conveniently than through traditional insecticides with a significantly reduced environmental impact.

The innovative mode of action with Altosid® IGR eliminates the expense, labor and stress on your beef cattle associated with other cattle fly control methods. After the flies lay their eggs in the freshly treated manure, (S)-methoprene breaks the horn fly life cycle by mimicking naturally occurring insect biochemicals that are responsible for insect development, preventing pupae from emerging into biting adult flies.

As well as paving the way for an entire class of fly control products in the agriculture industry, the insect growth regulator (S)-methoprene also helped shape environmental standards in the insect control industry. Considered a biochemical pesticide by the EPA because of its unique mode of action, Altosid® IGR is able to exert its effect at very small concentrations. Even at exaggerated rates, the half-life in soil is approximately 10 days, making it an ideal environmentally friendly fly control choice for today's beef producer. After decades of use, Altosid® IGR has also proven to show no resistance among horn flies, a problem with most traditional insecticides.

New fly control products continue to come and go, leaving cattlemen with a number of options to consider. But as the strong history of success with Altosid® IGR has proven, newer isn't always better. Sometimes, it pays to put your trust in the original.

Learn more about the original feed-through IGR in our Altosid® IGR brochure.

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