A Story of Success in 90-Days

Cattle with flies swarming.
A Story of Success in 90-Days

New users of Altosid® IGR tested the product's horn-fly control in a 90-day trial. They detailed their experiences in a follow-up survey, and the results speak for themselves.

Here is a breakdown of the study's findings, by the numbers:


96% The percentage of participants who reported improvement in horn fly control

93% The percentage of participants who will continue feeding Altosid® IGR

7.65 How effective Altosid® IGR is out of 10

90% The percentage of participants that were satisfied with the results they experienced from Altosid® IGR

2/3 The average number of participants that reported less bunching in animals

90 The number of days the trial was conducted

Altosid® IGR is a feed-through horn fly control product which is passed through the cow to the manure where flies lay eggs. It interrupts the horn fly life cycle to prevent adult horn flies from emerging.

Read more about the participants experiences and results in the A Story of Success in 90-Days download.

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